A New Beginning

As a self-proclaimed, Netflix-binging, cocoon-in-my-tempurpedic-with-an-electric-blanket, hermit of an 86-year-old 28-year-old, I have spent many a moment of my young (ish) life dreaming of all those dreams that we carry around in our heads wondering if we can actually make them happen or not. I can’t tell you how many nights (and days and mornings and in-betweens) I have spent dreaming of having my very own clothing donning the bodies of my fellow women. I think like all true creative passions, we tend to assume that they are selfish desires that probably won’t really pan out. 

Or if they do, we’ll be so dirt poor that we dream of being able to afford a very extravagant Raman meal and sometimes that just isn’t so practical. (Lucky for me, I have a wonderful support system in my life so I’m forced into a few chipotle meals here and there).

All that to say, here I am. My first real photo shoot with a real model, a real hair and make up artist, and a real photographer – all so incredibly talented and willing to be a part of my very first collection for Ona Rex. I’m not sure that there are words to describe the nerves and stress beforehand (I designed, patterned, dyed, and sewed the entire collection in about six weeks), and floaty, all-out elation of watching my vision come alive thanks to the hard work and talent of everyone involved. Even now as I am officially looking at all the final images, I find it hard to believe that I was fortunate enough for such an experience. 

The concept for this collection, which is a small introductory collection for Spring 2015, was essentially the story of a young woman who at some point in her life, became of victim of time, fading into the background of her surroundings, perhaps in long wait of a long lost love. The certainty of when or why her life and spirit froze is hazy at best. She refuses to move on without that which she seeks. And so she lives where she began, slowly receding into her former life. 

This collection was truly about elegance with an ever so slight twist – a modern design woven into the lace, a hand painted amorphous, bug-like silk scarf, raw silk pants with an exaggeratedly wide sweep – all pieces of the puzzle meant to clothe a women who appreciates the timelessness of her past while embracing an artful twist on the present. 

I so look forward to sharing each coming Ona Rex collection with everyone. I hope to always bring to the table something inspired, elegant, and fresh.