Winter Wrap Up

It has almost been three weeks since I hosted my studio's winter launch party along with my lovely studio mates, Jamie and the Jones and Shutters and Shuttles.  As expected, the preparation for the event was sleepless, stress-binge-induced craziness.  There is always so much to think about when getting ready for people to be in your creative space (among so many other things), but also the nerves of having my first collection out and about for people to see, touch, and try on was ludicrously terrifying.  


I'm happy to report, however, despite my irrational fears of being a complete flop, we had such a great turnout on that cold, cold evening.  After it was all said and done, I felt exhausted (obviously), but mostly I was so overwhelmed with gratitude.  So many people came out to support us that Friday night and following Saturday.  There were people that I didn't expect to be there that were elated to be a part of our weekend, which is always such a nice surprise.  I think one of the greatest things about sharing a space with wonderful women is the support that we get simply by being in this together.  Even apart from that, though, I will never forget the feeling of seeing so many faces walk through that door, eager to see what amazingness we had been slaving away to create in the preceding weeks.  So many people were apart of making it all happen.  And as cheesy as it sounds, this is the time of year that I feel especially reflective on my life and those who are in it, and I have to say that there are some amazing people backing me up.  I would not be doing this without so many of you.  In my moments of complete and utter chaos, it helps to know that I've got some brave souls along for the ride. 

So thank you all for that!

I'm so excited about what will be coming in 2015.  I have just barely embarked on this seemingly-pyshcotic journey that is owning my own clothing line, but I already have so much that I can't wait to accomplish.  My SS 2015 line that is currently on my website was my way of dipping my toe in the water.  And as scary as the water looks from the edge, I'm ready to swim around a bit.  I'm so very excited about my second collection, which will be launching in the spring.  I'm already deep in the works of inspiration, sketches, and plans for some expansion in my line.  

I hope that you will all stay tuned to see what I have planned for next year.  It's going to be exciting!


*All photographs of our event were taken by the wonderful Brett Warren.  Brett is a dear friend and is an insanely talented fashion photographer.  Please check out his work here!