The BASE at the Flea

This past weekend, myself along with every other human between the ages of 0 and 100 went to the flea market.  Nashville has a pretty good one, as far as fleas go, and this weekend I was flooded with the presence of BASE colors.  I always find such lovely inspiration in the little nooks and crannies of the fairgrounds -- the weird dolls, the tattered hankies, the booth gossip overheard -- it's all pretty great. 

 I decided to take my own cobalt Meridian Dress for a little spin because it seemed like the perfect day to wear something a little bold, but still simple. The weather was pretty dang pleasant this weekend, especially for the end of June.  The roominess and flow of the Meridian Dress was just what I needed for stomping around the fairgrounds.  Check out all the little trinkets and treasures I discovered, perfect for that BASE lifestyle.  

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*All beautiful photographs were taken by Brett Warren.