Pre-Fall 2017

Pre Fall 17 is a small, concise collection of comfortable and transformative pieces that is the antithesis of boring.  The garments center around the use of nylon and paracord as a direct nod to the inspiration of air and flight.  Popular silhouettes were taken from the Ona Rex library and reimagined into shapely pieces that morph according to how the paracord is tied throughout the seams and hems of the garments.  Transition and reinvention allow  each dress, top, or pant to be as streamlined or as complicated as its wearer desires.  


Ona Rex has a tradition of creating unique accessories, and Pre Fall 17 is no different.  The long-standing Galaxy Necklace was recreated once again using Fluorescent Lime acrylic, which creates a glowing pop of color that is perfect for any look.  New to the accessory gallery for Pre Fall 17 is the Shoulder Guards.  Inspired by the desire to create a sculptural effect to an existing garment, simple or not, the Shoulder Guards are a wearable slip-on accessory that add the perfect amount of Ona no matter what the occasion may be.  

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