The Workwear Campaign by Brett Warren

All images were taken by Brett Warren on 35 mm film in McMinnville, TN.

Model: Dylan Stephens courtesy of AMAX Talent

About this campaign:

Brett Warren worked with both digital and film format to create imagery that respected the core of this collection.   The juxtaposition of the digital versus the film felt really appropriate to us because it allowed the emotion to sing.  The campaign was shot at an as-of-recently-shut-down factory in McMinnville, Tennessee. Brett grew up in McMinnville and his family’s relationship with this factory goes back decades.  This factory was established during the civil war and has transitioned to each economical change through the generations - even the Great Depression. But for whatever reason, it didn’t survive the modern world.  Everything was left as-is in the factory, like a ghost town. It was as if one day, everyone stood up, dropped their tools, and walked out. There is a thick layer of saw dust and dirt that covers everything from the machinery, to the old wooden hand carts of ax handles, to the coffee cups that were literally left exactly as that final moment they were set down on the table.  There is an eeriness to the land that you can only know if you are standing there in cold breeze, listening to the metal clanking on metal. It’s one of those places that has a haunting beauty that elicits fear and admiration.

Ashley BaldingComment