Inside Out

I've talked a bit on Instagram about how much I revel in the idea that the inside of my garments look just as beautiful as the outside. My recent BASE collection was a fete in the construction realm for me.  I have spent the last few years through trial and error eliminating techniques that I don't like and trying new ones with the hope that it will strike the right balance between cost-effective production and fine finishing. I was really proud of the way my BASE collection turned out aesthetically, but I also wanted to share the "guts" of my garments. 

The insides of many of my garments are often finished with french seams.  French seams are a technique of basically enclosing the raw edges of the fabric so that everything looks super nice and tidy on the inside.  They are my favorite!  Much of the time, french seams are used on delicate fabrics like silk, but I chose to use them even on my denim pieces.  I love how this gives the denim a high end touch!  If I'm not finishing my garments with french seams, a lot of the time I will opt for finishing the raw edges with silk bias tape.  I LOVE how linear this makes the garment look.  It's almost like a little, secret art piece on the inside that only the wearer is privy to. 

I take great care in making each piece that passes through my little studio and I hope you all find as much value in the slow fashion process as I do!