Ona's Work Shirt in Rose Corduroy

Ona's Work Shirt in Rose Corduroy


For many, many seasons, the hunt for the perfectly abnormal button down has been a high priority.  The balance of romance, utility, and modernity is a delicate one. Ona’s Work Shirt was labored over for many months to ensure this exact sentiment was present in every detail of its design.  Each seam of the top is inspired by patchwork and the geometric lines of the jagged, western landscape. The traditional pearl snap buttons are given a modern edge through candy colors and an amplified size.  The collar is exaggerated just enough to make a sharp statement that frames the face. The silhouette, albeit boxy and oversized, is balanced with the wide moth-like sleeves that are made to transition into enchanting puff sleeves when tied under the arm.  The shirt is one that speaks of tradition with an edge of ridiculousness - the exact intersection Ona loves to sit in.

The Rose Corduroy was one of the first textiles chosen for this collection.  The traditional fabric was modernized with wide wales and a powdery soft hue.  The juxtaposition of masculine and feminine were a perfect compliment to the story.

100% Cotton

Dry Clean Recommended

View the Workwear Film, shot and directed by Jordan Bellamy, here.  

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